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046 Production Review & Bug Fixing

Tuesday 26th Feb 2019


I’m heading straight to Ant’s this morning so we can review the current state of the game and catch up regarding the remaining workload.


Back home and back in the office. We found a bunch of issues whilst playing through, so I’m going to focus on fixing those before I move onto anything else.


I’ve spent the last few hours fixing a bunch of things. Nothing to shout home about really, but for anyone that’s interested here’s a list of things that got done.

Taking a late lunch today to combine it with the school run.


Back in the office and back to fixing some more bugs. I might even setup Unity with the necessary Xbox Plugins, and the Xbox with the correct SDK (we’ve updated Unity in the last few months and haven’t gotten round to updating the Xbox stuff yet).


I instead decided to re-work the Rooftop Rumble Battle Arena, all of the crazy height variations that were in there was causing too many issues, particularly with missile weapons. So instead everything is at a linear height now, which doesn't change gameplay or visuals too drastically as this mode uses an orthographic camera anyway.

Stopping for dinner


Back in the office


OK I’m done for the day. It’s been a pretty good day of fixing some big problems that have arisen, and I made a tiny dent in the Save/Load game management for Xbox One. I’ve sourced all of the current tools and plugins I’ll need for Unity Xbox One Development and will be leaving them to download over the next few hours so that I can update my setup first thing tomorrow (all of our Xbox / Unity software is outdated now).

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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