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045 Finishing Challenge Mode

Monday 25th Feb 2019


Back from the school run and in the office. I need to start the day by updating the blog. Once that’s out the way with I have a list of tasks I want to do to Challenge Mode before I can consider it done (bar polish).


A productive morning! I updated the Blog and posted about it on social media by 11am, then got to work on the Challenge Mode improvements.

I have so far managed to make an Intro UI that appears before a challenge begins, which will dynamically update its title and description dependent on the challenge at hand. This now exists in every single race map and the game loop seems to work perfectly fine!

Time for some food. After lunch I’m going to concentrate on the success/fail states of Challenge Mode, to ensure the relevant information is displayed, and that when you’re successful the relevant variables are updated so that that your trophy appears on the main menu.


Back in the office


Working on end of game rewards and stuff, plus doing some work with the camera as it is doing my nut in! It basically doesn't follow the player quick enough for my liking (I remember 'damping' its movement so it wasn't so snappy when changing targets), and doesn't show enough of the route ahead of you.

Off to do the school run.


Back in the office


Even more progress on the challenges now, the end of game stuff is in and the camera movement is a lot nicer now. I also improved the way the Deadly Stampede takes you out of action now, though my first attempt had me on the brink of making a new gameplay feature :D

Stopping for some tea!


Back in the office, partly to continue work, but mostly to catch the Forest vs Derby game!


Well Forest won which was an unexpected but most welcome surprise, cracking performance from the team. I also managed to fix a few things that had decided to break without telling me (I’m looking at you River Rapid Rafts!), which took longer than expected, but are all sorted now thankfully. I also feel like I’m done with Single Player Challenge Mode for now, and I’ll save the refinement and polish until later.

This means I can now crack on with getting the rest of the Xbox One Requirements tasks completed, probably starting with Save/Load game management.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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