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044 Working on Challenge Mode & Fixing Bugs

Sunday 24th Feb 2019


I’m in the office to watch the football again (two big games today) so it’s a good opportunity to multitask. This will be a brief blog entry as it's a bit of a sneaky ninja shift, and I'm leaning more towards enjoying the games over dev work....

Anyway, I want to fix up some of the issues I’ve seen with the player characters and their outfits, as well as start work on the other two challenge mode gameplay loop (Outrun and Chase).


Well it’s been a long afternoon of football today - and whilst both games were pretty tense / interesting, they were both a little disappointing - maybe that's why I was more productive with the dev than I expected - I got a lot done!

I have managed to create both the Outrun Challenge (where you must outrun the ever-chasing Deadly Stampede for 1 whole lap).....

....and a Chase Challenge (where you must catch a special piñata before the time runs out) and plugged them into the game loop system.

Both modes are working pretty well, they just need some refinement to game feel and polish (minor functionality tweaks, gameplay intros/outros, additional animations, etc). But overall I'm really happy to have progressed these game modes so much!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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