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043 Fixing Issues with Player Outfits

Saturday 23rd Feb 2019


Got an hour to kill so fixing issues with player kits and plugging in the missing ones that Ant has now submitted.


Got quite a bit done in the last hour which is great! I did notice this amusing bug though....

Stopping now to go pick up my daughter.


Daughter is out at a party, the footy is on – so I’m watching it in the office and doing a little more work at the same time :)


Got even more bugs fixed and almost all of the characters are in now!

Stopping to go pick daughter up from party.


Back again, I just enjoy doing this too much!


Well I’m pretty happy with the state of the characters and the outfit changing system now. The idle extra system is acting a bit funky on occasion so I’m going to have to revisit that at some point in the future.

And I’ve noticed Maria’s other skins are using old animations, so I’ll resolve that too next time I’m in the office. But the variety in characters now feels great, allowing for lots of diversity!

Calling it a night.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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