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042 Single Player Challenge Mode

Friday 22nd Feb 2019


In the office and still bugging out at how quickly this week has flown by! I’m starting on a new Single Player experience today, implementing various challenges that a user can complete.


By 10:30am I had completed the UI work for the challenges, using placeholder graphics (go ahead, marvel at my mastery of art).

The challenge type and description will update dependent on the level you have selected, and the trophy for that challenge will either be greyed out or visible dependent on whether you have completed the challenge.

I then spent time setting up the gameplay loops for each challenge and ensure the correct challenge is initiated on level load, starting with Duos mode (where the user has to control two amigos at once and navigate them safely around the track within a time limit).

It’s been going well, I’ve almost finished implementing it now, but am at the stage where I’m hacking around a few of the existing systems to get it working! But it’s close.

Time for some lunch!




A really productive afternoon and I’m almost done with the Double Trouble Challenge mode. All that’s left to do with it really is fine tuning and polish, which is awesome.

This challenge type appears on 4 of the 12 race maps. Next I need to implement the Outrun and Chase challenges, which should be a lot more straightforward than this one!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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