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041 Player Outfits: Unlocking and Selecting Them pt3

Thursday 21st Feb 2019


In the office and ready to go. I cannot believe it is Thursday already, the weeks really do fly by when you enjoy what you’re doing, but it’s scary.

I am back to getting player outfits sorted in game, I was due to have finished yesterday but have slipped slightly, so I want to get this done asap.


Another pretty intense session. This code is quite complicated, just in terms of how many different variables there are to manage. But I feel like I’m getting there with it. I’m stressing myself out a bit I guess because I know I predicted I’d be done with this already and it’s eating into other content’s time.

I am making progress though which is the main thing.

Time for some lunch.


Back in the office after a dog walk and some lunch. Can’t believe how warm it is out there for February!


Yet another intense session but I can happily say I am now done with the outfits system! It was starting to drive me slightly insane.

There are a few annoying bugs, and some of the character outfits are still placeholder (4 out of 16 I think) but other than that I can now move on to something new! Signing off for the day.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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