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040 Player Outfits: Unlocking and Selecting pt2

Wednesday 20th Feb 2019


Early start today! I am continuing with the player outfits system.


Break for breakfast. I got the animated UI elements (bumper buttons) in already at least :)


Back to work.


Still working on the system, I've been focused on getting Lelei in first as she is the most complete (in terms of final models & animations). It's coming along nicely.

Lelei's Jungle Outfit

I'm taking a long break now to take my daughter to the cinema :)


Back from the movies and nice time with my daughter! Also, I have absolutely nothing to say about the Lego Movie 2….


All of Lelei’s skins and player prefabs are in! I just need to test her out in game.

Made a start fixing up Pedro’s animations with his new skins (just painting weights to the rig and transferring facial blend shapes), which I’m about 60% of the way through now.

Stopping for some dinner.


Back in the office. I'm going to make up for the lost time earlier today by working late tonight.


Went a little bit overboard with the shift today, but I feel like I’m slipping behind schedule slightly so doing what I can to stay on track. The outfits have taken longer than expected, mostly due to animations not working as expected, lots of fiddly little workarounds, and not the best code (thanks old-noob-me).

Pedro and Lelei are pretty much sorted now though, albeit using purple only textures on all players, but the flow seems to work. I’ll pick this back up tomorrow.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my....dammit I forgot to take a picture

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