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039 Player Outfits: Unlocking and Selecting Them

Tuesday 19th Feb 2019


I check the roadmap and I’m down to start implementing the various player outfits. Ant has made the models now, so I just need to ensure they work with the existing animations first, get them in game, and then implement a system for selecting your outfit. The generic ‘unlocking something’ system has been coded already, so I’ll need to plug into that too.


A pretty solid session. I’ve got a lot of the change outfit code done now, it’s pretty much working as expected for the single player flow, once I’ve tightened it up I’ll roll it out for the multiplayer flow next.

I just need to refine some things, like getting rid of the ‘intro animation and VO’ every time you change outfit, and locking in the selection once you’ve chosen your character (and applying the correct prefab & textures once you make it to the game).

But overall a really productive session. Time for some lunch!


Back in the office after a nice dog walk with my daughter :)


Brief break to drop daughter off at her friend's house.


Back in the office!


This system is slightly confusing and convoluted to say the least (thanks to old noob-me code), so the day has been a little stressful / difficult to crack. However I am making progress, and pretty much have the entire Single Player outfit unlock & selection flow done now, which is great. It shouldn’t be too difficult to roll it out to the Multiplayer system too.

The real task tomorrow will be getting in all of the new player prefabs for the various skins, as they’ll need some work to a) get their animations working correctly and b) be implemented into the player select / control system. But with a little luck it will go smoothly and I’ll have this whole system finished with by the end of Wednesday. Signing off!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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