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038 Wrapping up Dour Docks, Updating Blog, Publisher Queries

Monday 18th Feb 2019


In the office and ready to finish off the Dour Docks level….after the blog update that is.


Blog update is done! I really can’t be doing with sharing it on social media just yet, I’ll save that for later.

For now I want to reply to the Publisher we’re talking to, as they have a few bits of information they need as well as the latest build.


Publisher email is done. I had to finish up/tweak the comparative titles analysis, create a games industry CV for both myself and Ant, write up the build notes for the latest dev build, and list out all of the things that are still to come.

Now that’s out the way I can wrap up the Dour Docks level this afternoon and then move onto plugging in ambient sounds for all of the levels (some have them, but a lot don’t).

But first, lunch!


Back from lunch. I think I’ll start by posting about the updated blog on social media, get it out the way with. Then back into Unity!


This has been a very productive afternoon! I posted on social media about the blog being updated, then finished up Dour Docks. I even managed to spend a little time looking into the best way to put money into your own company (we have some things we want to pay for).

The rest of the afternoon was spent sorting out the ambient sounds for all of the levels. I am so, so close to finishing them all which is great progress!

The sounds themselves all exist now, and almost all levels have had them plugged in, I just have to do two more race maps and one more battle arena and then they are complete (aside from testing and polishing them of course). A good day!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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