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037 Carrying on with the Docks Level

Sunday 17th Feb 2019


A quiet Sunday today, so jumping on the PC to claw back lost time from earlier in the week. The Docks level is the very last level to plug in so I really want to get it done!


Making good progress on this map. The level blocking, race positioning waypoints, and colliders for environment props are all done.

Stopping for a while as we have family visiting.


Back in the office after a nice break. Spent some time with the folks-in-law, had a PSVR gaming session with my daughter and then took the dogs out for a nice walk with her too.

Next on my list are spawn points & their detectors, stampede waypoints, death pits, and ghost mode zones.


Taking a break to order my old man something for his birthday next week, and my dog a new collar/lead!


That took longer than expected, I’m terrible at buying gifts lol. Back to work.


Almost done now, just the ghost perk zones to map down, the cutscene cameras to setup, the ambient sounds and the music to plug in!

Tea time.




Almost there with it now, taking a break to play some games with the family :)

Ghost perk zones (yellow) are in now too


Back again for the very last time!


And I’m 99% done with the level now, just need to tidy up a few things and it’s done! Too tired to write anything significant here (and nobody reads this anyway lol) so will leave it at that!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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