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036 Plugging in Docks Level

Saturday 16th Feb 2019


I'm up, on the sofa chilling in front of the TV, so fire up the laptop to do a title comparative analysis - as a Publisher we're speaking to has asked for this information.


Stopping work now to enjoy some weekend time. The analysis is mostly done :)


I'm in the office to watching the footy (Forest are playing Preston, and then Man City are playing Newport) so I figure I may as well do some work at the same time!


Football is done, Forest were robbed (again!) - though it was a pretty dull game tbh. The Man City game was intriguing, Newport were excellent.

Work wise, I’ve made a decent start on the Docks level. Not as much as I’d have liked as some of the invisible blocking / boat colliders were a bit finicky to sort out, but it's decent progress nonetheless.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face…I forgot to take a pic!

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