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035 Catching up on lost time & Plugging in Maps

Friday 15th Feb 2019


In the office and looking to make up for lots of lost time so far this week. I'm focusing on plugging in the Mayan Level.


A seriously hardcore session! I worked through lunch (the better half luckily made me some sandwiches to eat at my desk) and feel like I've made really good progress.

The Mayan level is pretty much done now, I just need to add some code that deals with the booby traps in the level (we have a large Indian Jones style boulder and some blowpipes).

Time to do the school run.


Back in the office, time to get these booby traps working.


Stopping. Mayan level is done and I love it!

I managed to get the Rolling Boulder and the Blow Dart booby traps working pretty well :)

I'm still using placeholder models for the darts, and I want to explore making the player's limbs go numb if you're hit by them, but that's polish which can all wait till later.

Tea is ready so gotta run!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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