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033 Plugging in Mayan Level & Sending Emails to Publishers

Wednesday 13th Feb 2019


Yesterday was rough, and I’m feeling the pinch this morning. Just got back from the school run and dosed up on meds for my man-flu. Priority this morning is to double check all links/zip files/builds/emails before hitting the ‘send’ button to our chosen Publishers!

Once that’s done, I’ll see how I feel. I’ll either finish off plugging in the Mayan Race Map, or just sleep…


Got most emails and game submissions done, just 3 more to go.

Heading to the hospital to pick up the other half now as she can now come home :)


Back in the office


Officially finished contacting all of our chosen Publishers!! Now we wait in hope...

Aaaaand after staring at the screen blankly for a good 2 minutes, I've decided I’m actually going to look after myself a little for a bit; I’m feeling exhausted and poorly, so I’m taking a break – probably done for the day, we’ll see.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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