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032 Finishing Waterfalls Race Map

Tuesday 12th Feb 2019


I wanted to get started earlier than this but slept in slightly. I’m conscious that the amount of bugs found yesterday is going to throw me off course so I want to get back on track as quickly as possible.


I spent most of the morning fixing bugs. Was going really smoothly, but the Rafts took up about an hour of time.

Before that I spent some time mapping down spawn points and spawn point detectors in the Waterfalls map, just to get them out the way with whilst they were fresh in the mind.

Stopping for a shower and then I need to take the other half to hospital as she's having some minor surgery today!


Finally back in the office now, the other half has gone into theatre, and it's roughly a 3 hour op.

So I'm finishing setting up emails to Publishers.


Emails. Are. Finished!

I’ve lost a quite a lot of time today, so I will likely put in some crunch tonight to a) run off a new build (with the bugfixes made this morning) for Publishers / the Demo, b) finish off plugging in the Waterfalls Map, and c) plug in the new Mayan Map.

Stopping to make some dinner now.


Back for a short stint, as I need to head back to the hospital soon.


Off to the hospital!


Back, and back to work!


……bleeeergh. Can't human right now. Waterfalls = done, new Mayan level = 40% done

Waterfalls (actually called Amazania) is finished

Made a start on plugging in the new Mayan themed level

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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