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030 Finishing Fire Peak & Contacting Publishers

Sunday 10th Feb 2019


I’m putting in some overtime this weekend as I’m looking to claw back some lost time. I want to finish up the Fire Peak race map, setup all of the emails I need to send to Publishers (so they’re ready to be sent first thing tomorrow) and get a demo build online so it's ready to share.


I’ve coded a Perk-Removal trigger zone that catches players just before they get to the river rapids section.

Taking a little break for some breakfast


Back in the office after a breakfast for champions, courtesy of my amazing better half <3


Can’t remember what I was doing now…I think I was mostly just fixing bugs with the Fire Peak level, and then writing code to lock off features and content for the demo build…hmmm….brain is a bit mushy.

But Fire Peak is considered finished now, which is really good, check out the run through video:

I lock off certain regions and levels in the Demo Build...

...and characters too

Time to leave to go and pick up my daughter.


Back from my travels, in the office to finish watching the rest of the Man City v Chelsea game (it's 5-0 already to Man City which is incredible!) and get some more work in.


I can’t even human right now....this pretty much sums up the last 9 hours...

But I think (I THINK) I got everything done; Publisher build, Demo Build, all Publisher emails setup (minus some minor tweaks), and an page setup to host the Demo......I could all be a dream at this stage.

I know I managed to update our home screen though....

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

I needed bright lights on to keep me awake





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