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029 Plugging in Fire Peak & Prep for Publishers

Friday 8th Feb 2019


I’m in the office, but not feeling too well today. I want to get setup and prepared to send out emails to Publishers today, so that’s going to be my first focus. After that I want to have Fire Peak completed and fully playable.


Slightly frustrating start to the day, as it took almost an hour to simply update our email signature. Turns out Gmail signature control is really not the best, so this was very fiddly to get right. But once that was out the way, I decided to put a pin in setting up the publisher emails as I was more concerned with getting the level finished.

The level is coming along nicely, I’ve got the bulk of the grunt work done which is good.

Death pit triggers and ghost mode zones added

Mapping down the stampede waypoints

I had to cut a trail through the jungle that runs parallel to the river rapids section for the stampedes to follow

I need to stop for a very special lunch now – as mentioned in a previous blog post, the owner (Luis Navarro) of a local Mexican Restaurant called Nanna Mexico saw our article in the paper and got in touch with us! He wished us well in our ventures and hoped Must Dash Amigos was a success. That alone was extremely motivational and heart-warming, but he went even further and offered to send us some food and cold beers to our office! So I’m off to meet Ant for some Big-Ass Burritos (yes, that’s what they’re really called – check out their menu).

I'm going to enjoy this!


Lunch was epic! Had some burritos, nachos, and a cold beer! I’m going to post about it on social media and want to setup a half decent GIF for it – so I’ll pause Dev work for now to get that sorted.


Social media always takes longer than you expect, but that’s all done now. I posted a nice GIF on all of our social media channels (except Instagram which just got a static image, don't ask).

I have to leave the office for a bit to go to my daughter’s school, as there’s an event on for Parents to attend and see the work they’ve been doing :)


Back in the office and back into Unity to finish up the map.


The level is almost done! I’ve just got a couple of bugs to fix, some bits of terrain to smooth out, a Perk-Removal Zone to code (for just before you get onto the rafts), and some screenshots to grab for the UI and it will be finished!

I lost a bit of time/momentum today due to the longer lunch and social media work, so I’ll try to claw that back this weekend. But overall a really great day!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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