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028 Evolving the Fire Peak Race Map

Thursday 7th Feb 2019


In the office ready to rock. I’m jumping straight into Unity to see if I can wrap up this new race map in quick time. Starting with the river rapid rafting section!


Solid and productive session! The river rapids are working nicely now, they’ll really come to life once I add some player animations, and destruction animations to the obstacles you can hit along the way.

Aside from that I’ve been adding flavour to the environment and it’s starting to feel close to completion now. I love Unity’s terrain system, I’m not sure why it gets so much bad feedback, perhaps I’ll discover it’s limitations in the future, but for this project it’s such an amazing tool. I ran around the environment and added tress/details/terrain tweaks during runtime to make sure everything flows nicely and feels right.

Adding Trees during Runtime using Unity's Terrain System

Time for lunch, this afternoon I will add a few more flavour elements (just a few rocks and cliff faces really) and then start plugging in everything that’s needed to integrate the level into the game (sigh… hello darkness invisible blocking my old friend….)


Back, refreshed and ready to crack on!


Another really focused session and things are progressing nicely! I think all of the flavour décor (give or take) is done now, and I even managed to map down all of the invisible blocking!

Level blocking is done! Wasn't as painful as usual (thankfully!)

Adding flavour to the map is my favourite part - not only does this coral block the player from escaping the map, it really helps brings the environment to life

I’m due to finish this map tomorrow, and with a little luck it will be done by lunchtime, giving me the afternoon to actually contact Publishers (something which slipped from earlier in the week).

Off to pick up my daughter, I might come back for another hour tonight – undecided yet.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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