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027 Creating a new Race Map

Wednesday 6th Feb 2019


In the office and ready to go. I have a few small emails to send this morning, and I’m going to put a pin in contacting publishers just yet, as I want to make progress with the final race map that I need to make. I’ll no doubt chip away at drafting publisher emails throughout the day as well though.


It’s been a busy first half of the day. The new race map is coming along nicely and the route is almost completely defined now.

By 9:10am I had roughly mapped out the key sections of the level

I then start giving the terrain a bit more detail and character through height variations and cutting out the race route

Alongside that, I’ve been replying to emails – and check this out - we got an amazing one from Luis Navarro, the owner of Nanna Mexico! Not only did he wish us well in our ventures, which was really uplifting in itself, he then offered to send us some food and beers on the house! What a legend!

Time for some lunch!


Back and ready to get in the zone.


Another focused session. The map is coming along nicely. I spent a while running around the track and tweaking the terrain as I came across issues or things I didn’t like (editing the terrain during runtime is risky - in case of a crash, you’ll lose unsaved work – but seriously powerful!). Then I started adding in some niceties such as lava falls, lava death pits, and the river rapid rafts (whitebox prototypes).

Starting to come together nicely, the river rapids prototyping has begun too

The rafting is the unique aspect of this level, so I’m going to focus on getting those up and running in the morning.

After a frustrating start to the week today was a good day, feeling like a Dev again!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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