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026 More Bug Fixes & Publishers

Tuesday 5th Feb 2019


Straight into Unity to fix up some issues that got missed yesterday. I can then update the build that we sent to Amaze, and have it in the best possible state before sending to Publishers.


Another crunchy type morning, fixing bugs and getting the build into a good state. It’s been pretty stressful to say the least – just because things that used to work no longer do for no immediately obvious reason, which is so frustrating.

For example, the standalone build will now insist on launching in Windowed mode, cutting off most of the screen, even though the Player Settings haven't changed, and this never used to happen....

I think I’m happy (ish) with the build now, though there are loads of annoying things I’d still like to fix, but if I don’t draw a line under it I will just keep going indefinitely.

I’ll compose the email to each Publisher after lunch, I have a template but I want to update the visuals a little before sending.




For the last hour I've been compositing a gameplay video in Blender in preparation for creating a new GIF for our Pitch Email.

I've said it before and I'll say it again and again; Blender is an AMAZING tooll

Time for the School run!




Man this blog is taking a hit atm due to the high intensity sessions. Super focused (and a little stressed if I'm honest) as this is really important high pressure stuff! But the newest GIF has been made (I still need to update all the GIFS and screenshots in our press kit….damn!) and the draft email has been compiled (the basis at least with all the imagery and layout – I will customise the email content for each Publisher when it comes to it).

Stopping for some dinner, but I’ll need to put in overtime tonight as a Publisher has chased us for some information that they asked for last week, so I want that to be with them tomorrow.

Food time!


Back again and time to get this information sorted for the Publisher.


And I’m done. I am way too tired to type anything meaningful here, but the info the Publisher needed has been done, ready to send tomorrow. I even managed to render out some nicer images of our characters to make it look pretty:

From left to right; Pedro, Chompster, Maria Che, Lelei

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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