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025 Blog Updated and A MAZE Awards

Monday 4th Feb 2019


Trying to get an early start in today to avoid the stop start nature of Mondays (Tuesdays are the same) so I’m in the office already.

First things first – update the blog. Once that’s done I’m down to get a new build out to Publishers today, so will be doing some QA and bug fixes too. Today is also the deadline for the A MAZE Awards, so I need to register our game for that (assuming we can do so without physically attending that is), and ideally use the new build for it too.


And I’m done with the blog. I had to spend a bit of time sorting out some issues with our YouTube account which was a necessary pain. I’m stopping for breakfast and the school run, I’ll post the blog on social media when I’m back and then get started on making/testing a new build.


Back to work. I’m going to get the blog posted on social media then get straight into the new build for publishers.


This blog feels like it's taking a bit of backseat to some serious focused work, sorry! Short story is I got lots done, but had to do lots of testing and lots of bug fixing / polish.

Oh, and the article that got printed in the local paper last week got posted online too! You can check it out here:

Gotta run for the school run!




Stopping for dinner! Just been testing and fixing non-stop, it's amazing how long it takes.


Back! Having a bit of a crunch day so the build is ready for the Amaze Awards submission


Feels like Uni all over again, working right up until the deadline! I’m shattered, nothing to say other than testing, then fixing has been the non-stop cycle since about 1pm today, and typically s*@t just decided to not work right near the end in true sods-law fashion...

A MAZE Awards submission is FINALLY done! Fingers Crossed!!

Anyway, it’s done now - I also managed to squeeze in the small child’s VO somehow - and the submission to the Amaze Awards has been made! I again didn't get round to sorting builds/emails out for Publishers so that will have to happen later in the week.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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