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024 New City Region Battle Arena

Friday 1st Feb 2019


In the office and feeling and ready to focus fully on bashing out a new battle arena to ensure the roadmap remains on track.


Ok, slight (SLIGHT!) change of plan as I just remembered Tenacious D tickets go on sale at 9am, and I'm sure they are going to sell out fast, so I’m going to be a little distracted whilst I sort that out first!


And it’s official, I'm going to see the D in June! How awesome!!

That is how you start your day :D

Now, time to get to work!


Well, I said yesterday that I would make a new battle arena in less than 1 day, and I have done it in less than 4 hours! Feels good! Aside from some minor tweaks and polish, it’s in and fully playable and feels pretty fun to play* which is awesome.

*granted I was playing with myself**

**no, no….not like that...

I even managed to cut up a song to create the instrumental music for the level.

I go through the track and find all the instrumental loops

Then piece the loops together to make the final composition

This frees up my afternoon to get a bunch of admin & commercial tasks done. Definitely got inspired by the D this morning!

Time for some grub and a quick trip to the library.

2pm Cutting up a song to make an instrumental loop

And I’m back in the office. I need to get a few things setup, namely an EIN number to avoid tax withholding in the states (and for setting up our Steam developer account, amongst other things) and to finish the financial investment proposals that I started last night.


This will be a very quick entry as I need to head out in about half an hour, and my daughter just came in with her friend asking to play Must Dash! So short version of this afternoon’s session is:

· I got the EIN from the IRS over the phone (on hold for 75 minutes!)

· Spoke with my ISP about getting a static IP (this is in prep for Sony Developer registration)

· Started cutting up VO for our small female character

All in all a pretty great day's work. Signing out!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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