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023 Still Plugging New Characters into Unity!

Thursday 31st Jan 2019


In the office and feeling like I am losing some momentum, so I’m determined to have a focused session and get back on track. As such, I can predict this being a short and snappy blog entry!


Fixed the large female and small female in blender, re-did their Bull animations to suit the new Bull. Got the large female mostly plugging in Unity now - just need to setup all of her dummy objects and test her out.

DFS arrived to fix our sofas, so a good time to stop for lunch!


Back in the office, ready to test the large female, and then get to plugging in the small female.


Stopped for a break and to go pick up daughter. Characters are all in now, just fine tuning and fixing bugs, but boy did I underestimate how much time this would take. Kind of frustrating, but definitely necessary. I will come back shortly to wrap up what I was doing.


Back in the office!


Aaaaand stopping again to get something to eat :D I have been tweaking and tinkering with things to get everything setup, almost there now! I will be back after I’ve had my tea.




I. Am. Pooped.

All of the characters are in! (they were by about 8:30pm)

I spent the rest of the evening picking up some important commercial tasks that needed some thought. I won’t bore you with the details, but the short version is doing some company expenditure forecasting, with varying tiers of possibilities. See, you’re asleep already, aren’t you?

Tomorrow I am going to try and do something incredible; make a new battle arena in less than 1 day. IT CAN BE DONE!

Time for sleep….

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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