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022 Plugging New Characters into Unity & Some Press Coverage

Wednesday 30th Jan 2019


In the office and ready to rock. I will start the day sorting out a couple of emails & admin tasks, then straight into Unity to get the latest versions of our characters in game. I want to get this done quickly, as today I also need to spend some time getting a new build together for Publisher pitches, and begin setting up our Steam account in prep for the PC (and demo version) of the game.


As I got into it I realised I had to make some changes to my plan. The short story is, I had to re-rig and re-animate our bull (there is a perk that allows players to ride a Bull), which in turn meant redoing the 'riding bull' animations for the all players so that they sync up. I decided to do this now as a) it has been delayed for so long and b) doing it later would just be more hassle getting it into Unity. Anyway, I did all of Chompster's riging bull anims, and the idle for Luchador. I still need to finish the rest of Luchador's and then fix the girls.

I also spent a little time posting to social media about the article that got written about us!

And here's the link to the online version of the article:

I will be doing a big ‘Character update’ in Unity this afternoon, and hopefully will have time to get a new build done as well - but I’m a little doubtful about the latter.

Stopping for lunch!


Back and ready to roll


As predicted I didn’t get the new build made. The new characters are almost all in now though, I ended up having to rewrite some code here and there, and plugging them in is just a long and fiddly process in general. There is an issue with the UV mapping on the small female at the moment, and some pesky little bugs to solve / more refinements to make yet for this to be signed off.

Been a bit of a frustrating day to be honest, but I’ll get it sorted tomorrow.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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