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021 Finishing Chompster & Updating Characters in Unity

Tuesday 29th Jan 2019


I am off to do the school run shortly, so I’m going to just look at some admin bits first thing this morning, starting with pestering Facebook once more about my deleted Instagram account!


Back in the office, traffic was worse than usual this morning! Back to finishing up the animations for Chompster.


A good session this morning, all of Chompster’s animations are done – I just need to make the shape keys for the facial animations and apply those to the relevant anims – I imagine this will take 1-2 hours. Once that’s done I can focus on getting both him and the new luchador playable in game.

Time for some grub.


Back in the office, time to get Chompster’s facial animations done.


School run, 80% done making facial anims, will finish off when I’m back and apply them to the anims, ready for plugging in game.


Back and ready to roll


Got to dash to an appointment! But, Chompster, is, done!


Back in the office for half hour or so just to finish up this blog and quickly try to get the characters into Unity.


I failed at getting the characters in Unity! I got too distracted by recording videos of today’s work, and making some final tweaks to the animations (just some nicer weight painting to reduce some of the stretching – mostly on Chompster’s nipples!).

I will make plugging them into the game a priority in the morning – I’m calling it a day!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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