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020 Chompster Animations & Blog Update

Monday 28th Jan 2019


Really late start this morning, I did the school run as usual but had some personal things to attend to before I could get started. Now that’s all done, I want to get the Chompster’s run animation done (I’d started on Saturday but I’m not happy with it) whilst it’s fresh in the mind!


I’m happy this is looking how I want it to now. It was really complicated (to me at least) as I haven’t done a run like this before, but I think it’s turned out alright.

I’m going to put a pin in Chompster for now so that I can update the blog with all of last week’s progress.


Blog is updated and published! I shared it to a few social media platforms, and now I need to run to our photo shoot appointment for the local paper’s news article!


Photo shoot went great, lots of fun! Back home and time to eat.


A very brief lunchbreak today as I feel like I’m getting nothing done, and need to leave shortly for the school run. Time to get the rest of Chompster’s animations done.


Got a few small anims done. Stopping to do the school run.


Back in the office and back to animating!


Stopping to make some dinner and sort the dogs out. I started late today so I’ve got a couple more hours to make up tonight. I’m about 40% of the way through Chompster’s animations now. I lost a little time during this session to chase Instagram/Facebook for the 4th or 5th time now about my disabled Instagram account. It’s pretty ridiculous.


Had some dinner, cleaned up a bit and chilled in front of the TV, now back to work!


And I’m done for the day. I was on a roll and got loads of animations done, only for something odd to happen which caused everything to break. I had pulled in another FBX with its own armature to cross-reference with the anims I was making, and at some point accidentally selected an animation from this import whilst I had the character armature selected. This caused a whole bunch of bone positions and transforms to change in weird ways (irreversibly too). Luckily I manged to salvage my work – but it was a laborious task to do, and has drained me.

I am still about 80% of the way through his anims now though, so I’m hoping I can finish them in the morning, and use the afternoon to plug both him and the small male I did last week into Unity.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

Not happy at losing work!





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