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017 Finishing Rooftop Rumble, Characters & Marketing Material

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Thursday 24th Jan 2019


Morning! I double check the roadmap to make sure I know what’s on the cards today. I’ve got quite a busy one ahead of me, starting with finishing off the Rooftop Rumble battle arena.

After that I need to plug in the updated character models and ensure they’re all working (these are the base models, I also have a load of character skins to plug in, but I will likely handle that another time as it’s quite a lot of work).

Then finally I need to get some more up to date images and videos together. This is all in preparation for a new demo build that I’m planning to put together tomorrow, which will be used to send to Publishers and host online for Press/Influencer coverage.

Right; less talk, more action!


Another very focused session, resulting in the completion of the Rooftop Rumble battle arena! I had actually “finished" by about 11am, but had some fixes and polish to do after testing the level out. I’m not sure if I like it yet or not, but it’s certainly different from other battle arenas which is good.

Mapping down death triggers for when you fall off the edge

Mapping down colliders for when you're a ghost and won't fall (a serious pain in the ass this!)

Also, when you’re playing the game the cranes are an absolute pain in the ass….so mission accomplished!

This afternoon I can now focus on updating the characters with the new models, and getting more up to date images & videos.

Time for some lunch!


Back in the office. I’m spending a little time looking at a couple of upcoming events and checking emails, then back into Unity & Blender to get the new character models plugged in.


It took absolutely ages trying to get old blend shapes and new model to work, so I gave up, and instead just reworked the old models UV map (transfer UV map wasn’t working in Blender annoyingly as that would have saved a lot of time). It's a bit of a hack for now, but in the interests of moving things forward I just ran with it to allow me to crack on.

Also (long story short) the small islands girl is working again (she was broken due to changes), and the large female character with her default Mariachi skin is in too (though she has no facial animations currently).

I’ve readjusted the roadmap slightly to allow me some more time to get the Small and Large Male characters (new models) in game, in prep for the new images & videos I want to capture – as these will both require some work to their rigs & animations. I also have some free time this Friday evening and Saturday, so I’m going to use that time to get all of this done, with a plan to reach out to Publishers, Press and Influencers on Monday instead. New marketing materials will have to wait until all of this new content is in.

Signing out for the day!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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