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016 Traffic AI, Instagram Woes, and a New Battle Arena

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Wednesday 23rd Jan 2019


I’m up. I think. I need to flesh out yesterday’s blog entry as a lot of it is just bullet pointed notes.


Blog done. I fire up the roadmap; I’m meant to be making a new battle arena today, but first I want to get the traffic AI for Rush Hour done. Time to work!


Brief pause for some breakfast, traffic AI is already almost done!


Back to work!


Traffic is in and working really well. The only thing left to do is sound FX, which I might do now so it’s completely done and out the way with. I spent a little time grabbing some videos of the traffic too.


And I’m officially done with the Rush Hour map (for now – there are some small bugs still to fix and more to find with proper testing). I spent some time getting audio for the cars (including car horns) and for when the player gets squished (did I mention you get squished? You get squished. I like the word squished. Squished). Now onto the battle arena, which coincidentally* is also in the City!

*not really coincidence ;)


I lied, I spent a little longer just putting in some audio for the Crane, and fixing a gameplay breaking bug with it. NOW I’M REALLY DONE FOR NOW*



Battle arena is coming along nicely. I even setup the foundations for the 2nd city battle arena too. Stopping for some lunch.


Longer than usual lunch as I went to see some friends. Back in the office and back on the battle arena.


Awesome session, the battle map is mostly there now, though I had some trouble getting animation events to work, which took longer than I’d have liked to resolve.

I also had some downtime to record some videos and subsequently solve an issue with our Instagram account being deactivated when I went to post it. Fair play to Instagram for their security measures, but it was a little annoying.

I basically had to verify that I was the owner of the business that the account represented, so had to send them a picture of me holding a verification code that they’d emailed me. I took some beautiful pictures and couldn't decide which one to send so I sent them several.

Stopping now to go and pick up my daughter, then time for tea, will be back to finish my shift in a bit!


Back in the office, just going to finish up the Cranes in the level and call it a day.


The battle arena is almost done which is awesome. I am down to spend tomorrow on it as well but I’m hopeful it will be finished before midday. The only things left to do are to map down the spawn points, weapon pickups, and make sure the death pit triggers / ghost chili zones are all lined up nicely with the drops in the level. I already have some music in mind, so that shouldn’t take long to plug in either.

A long but really productive day!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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