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014 Plugging in Rush Hour Race Map

Monday 21st Jan 2019


I’m up early and straight in the office to try and claw back some lost time. I’m down to plug in the Rush Hour map that Ant has been working on for the next couple of days. I grab the latest commits from Sourcetree and get cracking.


Stopping briefly to sort out the Dogs, have some breakfast, and make my daughter's school lunch.


Back to work!


Another temporary stop, time to do the school run!


Back in the office, I have an email to reply to before getting back into dev work.


Email done and sent. It's a conversation we've been having with Andrew Pappas at RenGen about marketing strategies. He is a really nice guy and knows his stuff – I would highly recommend giving him a shout if you're an Indie thinking about marketing.

Now back to developing the Rush Hour map!


Been doing my absolute favourite thing all morning so far...mapping down invisible blocking and race positioning waypoints! It’s such a drag, but I’m pretty much done with it now. Time for some lunch, this afternoon I’ll move onto stampede waypoints, spawn points, and all the other things that need mapping down.

Manually placing down all invisible walls is a pain in the ass


Back from lunch and cracking on!


Time to stop for the School run. I’ve got all of the spawn points, their proximity detectors, level blocking, and Race Positioning controllers all mapped down now, which has broken the back of it. I still need to map down the stampede waypoints, death pit triggers, directional sign posts, weapon pickups, time trial start/end, winner platforms, and ambient sounds. I reckon I could get all of that done today, which lets me focus on scripting level specific behaviours tomorrow (Traffic, Crane Movement).

Invisible blocking, spawn points, race positioning - all done!


Back and ready to roll.


Stopping to cook dinner. Lots done, now mapping down weapon pickups. Still to do: death pit triggers, directional sign posts, weapon pickups (started), and ambient sounds.

The white zones are purely for the ghost chili perk (you float over otherwise deadly drops)


Back in the office again!


Signing off! Got loads done, the map is 95% there now, I just need plug in the Evil Stampede control points, grab some screenshots for the main menu UI, and give it a whirl! This will give me most of the day to figure out and implement systems for the AI Traffic (moving vehicles and impact on players) and the moving Crane (it transports players from point A to point B, possibly with a physics based platform, we shall see).

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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