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010 Fleshing out the Graveyard Level

Tuesday 15th Jan 2019


In the office slightly later start than usual today after sleeping in slightly and doing the school run. Back into Unity and continuing with the graveyard level.


I managed to get quite a lot done this morning, the level is slowly starting to feel how I imagined it which is great. I’ve made improvements to the terrain, mostly creating more height variation, but also painting down grass details and tidying up the painted textures. I also added some protruding parts of the terrain in the swamp water itself. I added more open graves in the graveyard, and introduced more height variations to the terrain in this area too. After running around the track several times and iterating I’m happy with the direction it’s heading in.

Time for lunch, this afternoon I’ll think about updating some of the whitebox models to further enhance the area, along with some graveyard trees and flavour décor.


Back in the office and back to improving the graveyard level, I take a little time out to find some reference images to help the modelling process.


A good little session but now time for the school run! I’ve been modelling graveyard props in Blender since coming back from lunch. Managed to make 4 different gravestones, a candle and a flower basket. When I’m back I’ll make some flowers, UV unwrap the models and make some quick placeholder textures and then see how it all looks in Unity.


Back in the office and back to Blender!


Awesome little session! Props modelled, making prefabs in scene, marigolds in the terrain, looking good! It’s time for tea so I need to stop but will finish up this blog entry properly later.


Jumping back on the PC after a nice long evening on the sofa, just to finish this blog entry. I made real progress with the map today. I’m happy with the route and happy with the direction the assets are taking. I won’t spend too long on them as Ant will be giving them a proper Artist’s pass at some point anyway, but tomorrow I plan to have all flavour décor and props mapped down in the scene. A couple of things I’ll need to investigate and solve will be a) determining which player you’re controlling (seeing your player colour) and b) how well golden pickups appear in the scene.

Really looking forward to carrying on with this environment tomorrow; signing out!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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