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007 Social Media & Some Voice Acting

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Friday 11th Jan, 2019


The last few days have been almost entirely focussed on getting the animations for our 4th character done, and getting her plugged in game. So now that I’m moving on from that I fire up the production roadmap in Google Sheets and see what’s on the agenda. Today I have two tasks, 1) setup some more social media accounts and 2) SFX & VO for the two new characters. I start with task 1 and get cracking.


It’s amazing how much time it takes to setup social media pages! It’s a bit of a chore and I’m never thrilled to do stuff like this, but happy that they are all setup now. Along with our existing Twitter Account we now also have:

· Facebook

· Instagram

· LinkedIn

Additionally, I setup a Buffer account to help manage the output to those platforms, which I will look at in more detail when the time comes.

All of that is hungry work, and I missed breakfast; so time for some food and a break, and I’ll hit the SFX & VO this afternoon (which I cannot WAIT to do!).


Back in the office and time to get into some voice acting!


I finished recording what I needed, and got round to engineering the audio and chopping up most of the sound bites I needed. I spent about 20 mins checking out reference online and clearing out my office space in prep for recording initially, then annoyingly ran into some hardware issues that blocked progress. I think a Windows 10 update had caused things to stop working, so I had to poke around for a while to get things running again (a mixture of updating drivers, software settings, and lots of google searches). I think I lost about an hour of time in the end.

But, sadly after all that effort I’m not convinced my recordings are going to be suitable for the two female characters (no matter how hard I try and how much editing I attempt), so I spent a little time exploring alternative options online (already found some great talent on fiverr). The work I've put in so far will just be used as placeholder assets in game for now.

That’s a wrap for me today!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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