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006 Finishing up the 4th Character

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Thursday 10th Jan, 2019


I get up but spend the morning getting washed, eating breakfast and dropping my daughter off. I need to hit the library to print some letters and then the post office.


My errands took way longer than expected which is frustrating but I’m finally back in the office now. Time to plug get character I’ve been animating into Unity and in the game to test her out.


A few animations were missing in Unity so had to fix that and re-import. For anyone else that comes across this when importing from Blender you need to make sure that there are no missing bones (or anything) being referenced in your blender file. For me, because I'm using the same rig across multiple characters, the drivers I use for shape keys are usually leftover, and still being referenced in the new character's animations even though they don't exist anymore. In this screenshot, you can see I've deleted an elbowIK bone, and now blender can't find it.

The red underline indicates a missing reference

This entire animation will be non-existent when importing to Unity as a result.

Anyway, I'm almost there now with fixing this little one up, and I will likely have her in and playable in another hour or so. Time for lunch!


Back in the office and ready to finalize the new character in game! Let’s go.


Finito! No time to write a more detailed blow right now as I'm picking up my daughter then off to an event! Here's a quick screenshot of the face she pulls after eating a Ghost Chili though!

Instant regret!


Quickly jumping on the PC to finish up this blog entry. Just got back from the Tech and Beer event in Cambridge, was nice catching up with some good people and enjoying the free beer!

Check out the sneaky video @wizwares took when he asked for a selfie! Link to tweet.

Anyway, this afternoon I finished plugging the 4th character into the game and she feels great to play with! There are a few issues with her but these are only minor and will be solved at a later date.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

The face of my inner 'Free Beers' monster





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