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004 Animations for the 4th Character

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Tuesday 8th Jan 2019


After showering and eating I'm in the office ready to work. The first thing I do is finish up my blog entry from yesterday (did I tell you I sucked at this? I suck at this). I’d written half of it, so just the second half to complete.


I double check my Google Sheets production roadmap, I know we’re only 5 days in, but so far so good. I finished the 3rd character on time and I’m down to animate & plug-in the 4th character over the next few days now.

I grab the latest and see that the 3rd character has had some tweaks to the model and her default skin submitted, so before I move onto the 4th character I make sure those are working in game. Once that’s done, I can dive into Blender and start on character number 4.


After messing around with the new model it seems some changes will be required from the artist to make things work. I put a pin in it, head off for the school run and will move onto character 4 when I’m back.


Back in action, time to open up Blender and begin animating character 4!

Our 4th Character


A very productive session! After some back and forth with Ant (our artist and 2nd half of miniBeast Studios) about models and character skins we now have a plan for future workflow and things are starting to take shape. I have finished rigging (mostly, just need to do the hair and facial expressions, but these can happen later) and have made a really good start on the run animation which I'm really happy with!

I make that lunch time.


Back to work, I quickly check over and reply to emails then it is back into Blender to carry on animating! Hoping to get ahead of the game and plough through these anims as quickly as possible.


A pretty solid session this afternoon, feel like I’m flying through the animations for this character, really enjoying it! Got through 9 animations in total and she is feeling great. This will put me in good stead for finishing her up tomorrow, hopefully even plugging her into game which would put me one day ahead of schedule.

Time for dinner and calling it there for the day!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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