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003 Setting up the Character in Unity

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Monday 7th Jan, 2019


After a shower and some breakfast it's straight into the office and back to work on the animations for the 3rd character.


Tools down for a bit as I take my daughter to school.


Back in the office and back to the animations!




The animations are almost complete now, finishing up the final few things and fine tweaking.


I managed to finish the animations for the 3rd character! Tools down, school run time.

She is finally done!


Back in the office, now that the animations are done the character can be plugged into the game. I start importing the model and anims, and getting those setup correctly. Then I take an existing player prefab as a basis for creating the new character, plugging in the relevant scripts & references, and moving the positions of the held items, etc. I also make some quick placeholder UI iconography and different character colour textures at this point.

Setting up the new character (left) in Unity


The character is plugged in, but I’m not happy with the scale, and some of the animations are not quite right. I down tools to cook dinner, will come back to this later as I wanted the character finished today.


Back in the office, I start doing some back and forth between Blender and Unity to get the animations just right (things like hand positions and a few bug fixes). I also play with the scale of the character in Unity as I think she’s a bit too small.


I’m happy with the character now and calling this done (not quite done-done, as the model needs some polish, final texture, and there are a few fiddly bugs left to fix, but she is good enough for now). Time to log off for the day.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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