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002 Animating in Blender

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Saturday 5th Jan, 2019


I’m watching the footy (FA Cup) in my office so take the opportunity to multi-task a bit and get back to work on the animations for our 3rd character.


I smell tacos downstairs which means it’s time to go! I finished the run, the idle and the ‘big hit from behind’ animations, pretty productive little session! Not sure if I’ll come back to this tonight or not yet, we shall see. Oh, and Forest lost 2-0 to Chelsea, but nobody needs to think about that!


My better half is doing a workout followed by pampering, my daughter is playing with a friend who is over for a sleepover, so prime opportunity to get some more work in. Back into Blender to bash out some more animations!


My partner has finished up her pampering, so time to chill on the sofa with a drink and a movie. I managed to make about 6 animations I think (some quite small, some more involved) - so all in all another short but sweet session! That’s enough work for today.

One of the smaller anims - holding a homing missile

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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