miniBeast Games presents

An action packed

Loco-Multiplayer Battle-Racer!

"The highlight multiplayer game of (Insomnia 63)"
"Hugely addictive and hilarious"
"The most fun I've had with a new game in a long time"


Must Dash Amigos

Must Dash Amigos is a vibrant top down battle racer filled with Avocados and Piñata Stampedes!

Made by just two Developers, this quirky Indie Game is out now on Nintendo SwitchXbox One and Steam.

Race Mode

Outlast your opponents as you dash through hazardous environments, grabbing weapons and power-ups along the way! Race your Amigos amidst explosions, stampedes, and all-round chaos!

Battle Mode

Face your foes head-on in a battle arena! Use the weapons at your disposal to annihilate your enemies, and trigger power-ups to avoid being wiped out yourself! 

Plus More!

Tournaments, Time Trials, Challenges and more to enjoy!


Follow @MustDashAmigos on Twitter to keep any eye on development!



miniBeast Game Studios is an independent development studio based in Cambridge, UK, formed by two friends who met whilst working in the Games Industry.


Handles all the Art we create, including Characters, Environments, Props and Interfaces.

Fun Fact: once cooked soup for Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellen.


Primarily handles the code, but dabbles with Animation, Sound Design and Voice Acting too.

Fun Fact: named his Bulldog after Opie Winston from Sons of Anarchy.



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